Travel Tips: Our 2 Favorite Airfare Search Engines Right Now

Summer travel’s on all of our minds here at The Credit Cleanup Newsletter.

So we thought we’d share our latest favorites for finding the best air travel deals. After all, there’s more to travel search than Orbitz and Priceline!

Google Flights

It wasn’t until we saw Google Flights (simply: mentioned in a recent New York Times Travel article that we decided to give it a try. Like most things Google, it’s very practical and easy-to-use. We haven’t yet seen a cleaner or faster interface to find out how much more or less you’ll pay based on your selected travel dates. Here’s a sample of a recent search for a flight from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Miami, Florida: 


Once you select your travel dates from the calendar dashboard, your flight choices are narrowed down: 


From here, you can shortlist your options and send, share or click to book with the airlines.

Pretty cool, right?



Hipmunk does a great job of sorting though airfare from various search engines, and quickly presents the best routes based on a number of preferences. For example, a search by the “Agony" filter is based on total travel time—really helpful if you, like us, avoid connecting flights and long layovers like the plague. 

Based on the same flight search above, here were our results: 


Note that both engines presented the same Frontier Airlines option and similar flights and prices. You'll usually get a good sample size of travel times and airfares. Both are also pretty savvy at booking one-way trips and multiple destination or airline routes. 

Ultimately, we like how these two engines do the digging and then pass the baton for us to book from there. We’ve even discovered new airlines and multiple routes by using just these two airfare search engines!