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The Book Credit Repair Companies Hope You Never Read

How to Improve Your Credit Score in 30 Days — Even If You Have Bad Credit or No Credit


How many of these apply to you? are you:

  • Haunted by prior credit mistakes, bankruptcy or foreclosure

  • Afraid you'll be turned down for a new job?

  • Avoiding the "credit talk" with your loved ones?

  • Tired of missing out on the best deals and paying more money for everything, including home loans, car loans, credit cards and utilities?

  • Sick of being declined for credit offers because of NO credit historyat no fault of your own?

  • Drowning in the number of credit reporting, repair services and tools out there, and figuring out which ones actually work?

The Credit Cleanup Book Can Help.

Watch the author of "The Credit Cleanup Book," Shindy Chen, talk about what's getting more expensive for you in 2017: 




Many people don't understand credit basics, 
or how credit information is used.

This book was written to remedy that. 


The Credit Cleanup Book is the first no-nonsense guide on consumer credit since the Credit Crisis, and teaches you about credit reporting and scoring in today's credit climate.

  • Learn about new legislation for consumer protection
  • Understand how credit is scored, and what credit scores like and dislike

The Credit Cleanup Book shows you how to obtain and read your credit reports and scores for FREE (really!), outlining ways to remove negative and inaccurate items.

  • Get credit scoring hacks to know where where you stand - for FREE
  • Dispute and remove negative and inaccurate items quickly and legally with ready-to-use credit templates 

The Credit Cleanup Book details credit's impact on nearly every aspect of life, including: 

  • Employment
  • Relationships
  • Utility bills and household services
  • Entrepreneurialism and business financing
  • Housing: leases and loans
  • Auto loans

The Credit Cleanup Book provides you with credit and debt management tips and state-of-the-art tools that can be used to foster better money and credit management habits. 

With this book in hand, you will be able to achieve a higher credit score--your greatest financial asset.



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About the Author


Shindy Chen was a loan originator for Fortune 250 company Centex Homes, and later as a Vice President and regional manager for the nation’s 4th largest bank, Wachovia Mortgage, now Wells Fargo. Over her 7-year career she worked with hundreds of clients and their credit reports, grossing over $100 million in mortgage volume. Shindy has also worked in financial broadcast news with stints at Bloomberg TV in London, and on CNBC’s "Mad Money with Jim Cramer." 

Shindy does a great job of explaining the ins-and-outs of what can sometimes be an overwhelming topic: consumer credit. She clearly describes how the credit industry is changing and evolving before our eyes, outlines what you need to know to deal with your own credit, and gives you the tools to do so.  

Bethy Hardeman, Consumer Advocate at Credit Karma

Great entrepreneurship begins at home. “The Credit Cleanup Book” is hands-down the most engaging & informative guide for improving your personal credit.  

Ron Shah, Angel Investor and Founder at Jina Venture


Ready to clean up your credit, but don't know where to start?

The Credit Cleanup Book can help you improve your credit scores, starting NOW!


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